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MerXu is an international online platform for traders selling and buying in industrial and related categories: Chemicals and metallurgy, Construction, Electrical Engineering, Lighting, Heating and Hydraulics, Safety, Tools, Industry and mechanical engineering, HoReCa, Office and business equipment

How it works

Make the purchases for minimum 250 EUR


The more you buy, the more you get


Get upt to 1700 EUR for your purchases on merXu

Search and negotiate with suppliers of more than 3 million offers

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Net value of promotional purchase

Monetary Bonus threshold

Value of monetary bonus in threshold

Value of Monetary bonus total

250 - 439,99 EUR 

5% of net price 

Do 20 EUR

20 EUR

440 - 1099,99 EUR

6% of net price 

Do 40 EUR

60 EUR

1100 - 1599,99 EUR

7% of net price 

Do 35 EUR

95 EUR

1600 - 2199,99 EUR

8% of net price 

Do 48 EUR

143 EUR

2200 - 3299,99 EUR

9% of net price 

Do 99 EUR

242 EUR

Od 3300 EUR

10% of net price 

Do 1458 EUR

1700 EUR

After uploading the first invoice, you receive an extra one-time additional 50 EUR,

which can be withdrawn with the next purchase according to the rules above.

        Purchases add up throughout the promotion period

        You can upload invoices here, confirming purchases on merXu and withdraw the money           collected on your virtual account as well.

Buy and earn on merXu

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