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Reach more customers - thanks to the new category: Services!

Starting from January 2022, a new category is available on merXu: Services, where Service Providers can present their activities and Service Recipients can search for the service they need across all merXu categories, i.e.

Safety, Chemicals & metallurgy, Company and office equipment, Construction, Electricals, Heating and plumbing, HoReCa, Industry and machine building, Lighting and Tools.                               

Increase your chance to reach more customers with merXu!

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Add a Service.

If you run a service business, for example in the construction industry, you can present yourself in the appropriate category by adding the service in the tab Services for your business > Add a service. Check out how easy it is!

Services category

Complete the form.

After completing a simple form in your Account Panel, the Service will appear in the list of Services in the selected merXu Category.

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Add a service

Find the best Service Provider.

All Service categories and individual services are available here. Conveniently and easily find the best Contractor for your business needs.


Convenient contact via chat!

Those interested in a given service may contact the Service Provider via chat. This gives the possibility of a direct conversation with the provider in order to agree on the details of the transaction or its finalisation.

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