Grow your business
Grow your business

Sell to business clients from all over the European Union


By selling your products and services on merXu, you profit!

Zweryfikowane firmy z całej Unii Europejskiej
You reach verified buyers from all over the European Union
Zweryfikowane firmy z całej Unii Europejskiej
Your clients get free delivery and assistance with transport from merXu
Zweryfikowane firmy z całej Unii Europejskiej
You determine terms and conditions of sales and delivery on your own, and your offer is automatically translated into foreign languages
Zweryfikowane firmy z całej Unii Europejskiej
You arrange details with buyers through an internal communicator that translates conversations in real time
Zweryfikowane firmy z całej Unii Europejskiej
You get access to inquiries from buyers
Zweryfikowane firmy z całej Unii Europejskiej
Your entire team can manage sales through one intuitive panel
Zweryfikowane firmy z całej Unii Europejskiej
You can create free company card to build your visibility
Zweryfikowane firmy z całej Unii Europejskiej
You participate in internal promotional campaigns that support your sales

Acquire B2B clients

Check out what merXu offers your potential clients. Use all the possibilities of the European e-platform by trading with verified contractors

However, that's not all!

From one company account you can not only sell, but also make company purchases from verified suppliers throughout the EU.


Registered buyers from 27 European Union countries


of B2B international transactions


Registered sellers from all over the European Union countries

How to join merXu?

It's time to grow your business. It's time for customers from all over the European Union.


Fill out the registration form


Click the activation link you will receive in the email


Set a password for your merXu company account


Make a secure online verification transfer


Wait for your account to be verified (maximum 24 hours)


Choose your subscription plan and start selling on merXu

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Want to know the master plan for the economic crisis?

Start selling across the European Union to increase sales during a recession

See what e-commerce experts say about it. Get to know market trends and learn how to grow your business with merXu.

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What clients are saying about us

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Dominant factor to become partners on B2B merXu platform was the seamless experience in using it. 
Flexibility and proactive attitude helped a lot in overcoming some challenges in sales online. Since we start, we have increased the sales with 25% and that was achieved in actual business conditions!
Popa Ionut – Online Sales Director of Electric Valcor

Intuitive platform, easy to use and a lot of tutorials that help you to learn fast all the features of easy sales. 
For us, merXu platform came as a solution to the listing offers challenge. We see as advantages in our collaboration the easy to display our products that ultimately help in increased sales. 
In six months together with merXu, we doubled the turnover and we have started a new business relationship with more than 35 new partners.
Claudiu Costea – CEO of AyoTech

My business is in PVE and in less than one month I got to experience new clients from 8 different countries. The diversity of cultures and business opportunities are unbelievable so far. The platform is very intuitive and very userfriendly, the support team is proactive and provides help on the spot. As for growing my sales it was without a doubt the right thing to join merXu as a business partner.
Moises Espada Fernandez – Managing Director of Eficiencia Energética y Automatización SLU SPAIN


How to start selling on merXu?

How to create a company card?

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