One inquiry,
many offers for your company!

Inquaries on merXu

Can't find key products or services for your company?

Add inquiries on merXu to get the best offers from Sellers! 

You decide what visibility your inquiry will have

Zweryfikowane firmy z całej Unii Europejskiej
Public Inquiry
All companies browsing merXu,  registered and unregistered, will see your public inquiry 
Zweryfikowane firmy z całej Unii Europejskiej
Private Inquiry
You select the companies from your list of contacts on merXu that you want to share your private inquiry with
Zweryfikowane firmy z całej Unii Europejskiej
Hidden Inquiry
A hidden inquiry is only visible to your company's employees, until you change the status to public or private 

Submitting quote requests on merXu is really easy!


Go to the Inquiries tab on your company merXu profile


Enter the title of your inquiry


Enter the content of your inquiry


Choose the visibility of your inquiry


Select the category of your inquiry


Add your inquiry on merXu



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