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Copy your referral link from My merXu > Contacts or by clicking here. Send this unique link to your suppliers and bring them to merXu.


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Get 500 € for each supplier who lists at least 1,000 products or 1 service. Then, within 2 months of registering, makes a total of 20 transactions.*


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The more active suppliers you bring the more reward you get.

* To get 500 EUR reward, your supplier must complete at least 20 transactions with at least 10 different buyers for a total amount of at least 1100 EUR within 2 months of registering on merXu. If your referred supplier meets these conditions, we will also pay him a reward of 500 EUR.

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Or receive 35 EUR

Copy your referral link from My merXu > Contacts or by clicking here


Send the link to your partners and tell them what merXu is!


Let them create an account and start selling or buying.

Receive 35 EUR for every company you refer that makes a minimum purchase of 200 EUR on merXu
and 16 EUR for every subsequent purchase of a recommended participant, made only through you.

Each company you refer can take part in merXu promotions.
merXu covers the costs of domestic and international delivery up to 300 EUR.

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